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Outstanding Company

This award recognizes a company that is doing the most to accelerate gender balanced leadership in the workplace through the establishment of an environment in which employees are valued for their many differences and are not left behind or excluded because of them. 

We are looking for companies that are clearly and demonstrably committed to realising the talents of its women within their workforce through:

• A Diversity & Inclusion strategy that actively prioritises gender balance,

• An action plan to increase the number of women in senior/executive positions, 

• An implemented training initiative that is creating impact in gender balanced leadership in the workplace, 

• Implementation of processes that actively track who is being hired, who is being promoted, who is leaving the company, 

• Highlighting the encouragement of internal champions of gender balanced leadership at all levels of the organisation.


This award is split into two categories: companies with fewer than 200 employees, and companies with more than 200 employees. Please make sure you select the appropriate choice for your nomination in the form below.

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